Review: I Should Be So Lucky At New Wimbledon Theatre

Lots of sparkle, action and music in fast-paced production

On a cold winter’s evening I couldn’t have been in a better place than New Wimbledon Theatre on the opening night of the musical “I Should Be So Lucky”, written by Debbie Isitt, with music by Stock Aitken Waterman and choreography by Jason Gilkison.

As a huge Kylie fan I was not to be disappointed as she takes a lead role in digital form throughout. The audience was presented with a colourful, heart-warming, extremely funny (nay ‘bonkers’), extravaganza of hilarity in its finest form set to some of the best pop music of all time.

I have never seen a New Wimbledon Theatre audience so animated and noisy in the interval, which I think went to show just how much we were all enjoying ourselves.

The plot revolves around bride to be Ella, played by Lucie-Mae Sumner and bridegroom Nathan, played by Billy Roberts, and follows their romantic and tumultuous journey. It’s a heart-warming plot with family and friends rallying round to support the young lovers on their journey.

We were treated to a medley of extracts from more than 30 songs from the Stock Aitken Waterman stable featuring such classics as I Should Be So Lucky, Too Many Broken Hearts, Better the Devil You Know Never Gonna Give You Up, etc. and I think the audience were all quietly revelling in the experience with feet a-tapping and silently revelling in the familiar words.

The pace of this performance was fast and non-stop so there was never a dull moment. We were treated to wonderfully energetic dance routines as well as the medley of fantastic music, hilarious comedy with fascinating and colourful characters and ‘camp-ness’ knowing no bounds.

Colour abounded with beautifully vibrant costumes  enhancing the atmosphere of a holiday delight. The action never really stopped from start to finish and the casting represented a true reflection of society in all its shapes and forms. 

I was particularly taken with the stage set, which reflected the theme of love, and which morphed in colour and mood, enhanced by a backdrop which transported our audience to summer holiday climes and immersed us no doubt in our own experience and memories.  

All in all a great show full of sparkle, action and wonderful music and not to be missed…

By Carol Whittaker

January 31, 2024