World's Fastest Blind Man In Town

Steve inspires local pupils

The world's fastest blind man, Steve Cunningham, paid a recent visit to Merton to inspire some local schoolchildren.

Steve, whose achievements include gaining land speed records at Silverstone, was invited by the Merton Sensory Team to meet pupils from local schools.

He visited Garden and Hatfeild primary schools, along with his guide dog, Lynton. He is pictured right with pupils and staff.

Steve reminded the youngsters that we all face barriers and difficulties in our lives, whether it be a physical impairment, or a problem at home or school, but that having a determined and positive outlook can transform the situation.

He told them his life story, of how he had gradually become blind in his childhood and had to face the trauma of realising he would never achieve his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

But Steve's blindness was not going to stop him from trying out all he wanted to do. He has flown a plane around the UK and driving a speedboat. Perhaps more significantly, given his childhood dream, he led the England blind football team to the World Cup, and has played against famous footballers such as David Beckham.

Ruth Bowman, Lead Teacher of children with impaired vision, said: "It was a moving and inspirational visit, which challenged many commonly-held stereotypes of visual impairment and enlarged our own vision of what we ourselves can do – just what a good assembly should do!"

October 19, 2011

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