Experience Indian Music And Poetry

Cultural workshop at Wimbledon Library

Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music, a classical music concert organiser, will be holding a workshop at Wimbledon Library on Thursday (January 22) from 6.30pm.

Poets and musicians will bring the words and music to life and offer a cultural experience for people interested in world poetry.

The society is also hosting a two-day Ghazal and Thumri Festival at Morden Assembly Hall on February 14 at 6.30pm and at Raynes Park Library on February 15 at 5.00pm.

The festival will showcase performances of various types of Indian Romantic semi-classical music. The music will be interpreted through traditional and contemporary English poetry which will complement and interpret the mood and the meaning of music for the audience.

Director of Saudha, Ahmed Kaysher, said: "Merton is one of those places where the richness of different cultures around the globe merge so vividly and historically. At previous events we have been fascinated by the wide range of people from different cultures coming to watch the high quality musical performances. 

"We intertwine Indian music with Western classical music like Troubadour and Western poetry from Keats, Sylvia Plath and Lorca to interpret the mood of the music for an international audience. A ticket to the festival is an ideal treat for Valentine's Day that's a bit different."

Click here for: More information about the workshops, performances and tickets.

January 19, 2015