Do You Recognise Thief Who Stole From Cake Shop?

He was caught on Cakeology's CCTV

A thief who stole cash from the till of a Raynes Park cake shop on Easter Saturday (April 4) was caught on their CCTV.

The owner of Cakeology in Kingston Road, Raynes Park, released the CCTV images on Twitter to warn other local shopkeepers.

The theft took place at 11.22am when Cakeology owner Laura Geroge was briefly in the kitchen with a customer. The thief took the opportunity to grab £140 from the till while it was unattended for around two minutes.

Laura George said: "I was in the kitchen for around two minutes before the man quietly entered. He was in and out within 40 seconds, and the only noise I heard was the till door shutting. By the time I realised what had happened and had run out of the front door, he was long gone under the bridge into Raynes Park.

"I called the police and they were on the scene within five minutes. I've put the video out on Twitter to make small business owners aware that this can happen, and hopefully they can learn from my mistakes. By spreading the word, I also hope the thief will either steer clear of Raynes Park or - even better - he'll be caught."

The thief is described as white, about 5ft 9ins-5ft 10ins tall, with brown hair. He was wearing jeans, a blue/grey hoodie and gloves.

April 17, 2015