Letter: Merton's Conservatives Are Against Heathow Expansion

Dear Editor

I saw the letter in your excellent news site from local Liberal Democrats acting with innocence that they don't know Stephen Hammond's view on Heathrow expansion. He's been clear as an emission-free day is long that he does not support a third runway at Heathrow.

His reasons are unequivocal. Noise and pollution affect the people of Merton from this centrally placed airport and that is not acceptable to him. Most modern airports are situated on the outskirts of major conurbations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Washington etc etc. Heathrow serves the people of London reasonably well currently, but more flights to this heavily populated area will exacerbate the anti-social and health issues Merton residents face today.

Merton's Conservatives including Mr Hammond are against a third runway at Heathrow full stop

Councillor David Dean
Dundonald Ward Conservatives

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December 30, 2013