Soaring Temperatures Cause Merton Computer And Phone System Crash

Business continuity plan is activated for emergency services

Soaring temperatures have caused Merton Council's phone and computer systems to crash, forcing the council to activate its business continuity plan.

The heat has meant that air conditioning units that keep the council's server cool, have failed. This has resulted in the council's email system, website and telephones going down, with many residents not being able to contact the council. 

Merton Council said it would like to apologise to residents who have experienced difficulties contacting the council and that engineers were working hard to resolve the situation.

The council's business continuity plan was activated this morning to ensure emergency council services can continue.

Ged Curran, Chief Executive said: “I would like to apologise to residents for any inconvenience this has caused. Our engineers are working hard to resolve the situation as soon as we can.”

Emergency contact numbers:

  • Child Safeguarding and care planning : 07967 327 901
  • MASH service: 07976 406 897
  • Highway emergencies only: 07956 619 595 or 07714 660 625

July 20, 2016