Full-Time Noise Patrols Coming To Merton?

Noise nuisance complaints on the rise

Wimbledon could soon be having a 24/7 noise patrol service to support residents affected by noise nuisance.

Wimbledon Hillside Councillor Suzanne Evans had described the current out-of-hours noise patrol service covering Merton as "hopelessly inadequate".

She said complaints in the borough had risen 45% since 2009, to 2,467 in the last year.

Councillor Evans suggested the council's cross-party Overview and Scrutiny Commission should investigate the issue. After receiving two reports on the problem, the Commission has agreed the service fell far short of ideal and supported her motion to recommend the Counil's Cabinet seek to introduce a 24/7 out-of-hours service as soon as possible.

Councillor Evans said: "Noise nuisance caused by selfish neighbours and businesses is a serious and growing problem in Merton. Moving towards a 24/7 out-of-hours service will be of enormous comfort for all those who suffer noise nuisance and send a strong message to perpetrators that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

"Clearly there is still some way to go but I’m delighted at the progress made so far and look forward to the day when our residents can live in peace in their own homes."

January 11, 2013