Save Water At Work

Free offer to Merton businesses

Merton businesses can receive free water-saving devcies, thanks to a partnership between Greening Business and Thames Water.

Greening Business, part funded by the European Union, is offering businesses 12 hours of free support and advice from qualified environmental specialists to help them reduce their costs and save money by ‘going green’.

Specialist environmental advisors will visit businesses, undertake an assessment of the site to identify areas where cost savings could be made, write a bespoke action plan with a focus on low or no cost changes which can be made and then help them to implement the actions.

Greening Business Operations Manager, Christina Parnell-Harris, said: "Excessive use of water or wastage is often identified as a significant cost to businesses which is why it is fantastic that we have been able to partner with Thames Water to provide businesses with free water-saving devices."

Devices such as the Eco-Beta, which can be installed inside older toilet cisterns to retrofit them into dual flush systems, can save up to 47 litres of water every day. Tap inserts mix air with the water, giving the same effect while using a lower volume of water can save up to 36 litres per day.

Water efficiency analyst, Heather Aitken from Thames Water added: "These free water-saving devices can make a real difference to businesses looking to become more sustainable and reduce their utility bills."

If run are a business in Merton and are interested in receiving this free support and free water saving devices, then please contact Christina Parnell-Harris on 020 8944 5501 or e-mail her at

September 7, 2012