Bank Card Fraud Warning In Raynes Park

Pensioners alerted to scam

Fraudsters have targeted pensioners in Raynes Park, stealing large sums from their bank accounts using a cruel scam.

The thieves have been ringing up elderly people in the area, pretending to be from their bank, and asking questions about their account including their PIN numbers and security codes.

The person calling appears to know the victim's name and address. They tell them that a courier will be round to collect their bank card.

Once they have the card and PIN numbers, the suspects have been trying to withdraw large amounts of money from the victim's account. In each incident, the suspect has appeared very convincing and legitimate on the phone.

The suspects posing as couriers have been described as follows:

  • 1: White male, aged approximately 25 to 35 years, approximately 5’11 tall and wearing a fluorescent jacket.
  • 2: Black male, aged approximately 30 years old, approximately 5’11 tall and wearing dark clothing and a hat.

The Raynes Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team is reminding residents that banks will never ask for PIN numbers over the phone and, if people are unsure about the call, they should hang up and call their bank on the number provided on the back of their card or visit their local branch to make sure the call is genuine.

Sergeant Wheatley of the Raynes Park Safer Neighbourhoods team said: "Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to this type of crime and we would encourage the community to pull together and safeguard their elderly neighbours and friends by passing this message on".

September 27, 2011