FAST4 TENNIS Is Trialled At Dundonald Rec

New tennis format could change the face of tennis

Dundonald Rec Tennis Club (DRTC) has been selected by the Lawn Tennis Association to run trial tournaments that could change the face of tennis in Britain.

FAST4 TENNIS is a dynamic, fast and exiting way of playing tennis presently promoted and supported by tennis champions, including Roger Federer.

On Sunday (September 13) a County level tournament using the 'new format' was organised and hosted by DRTC at Dundonald Rec and other local parks.

Josef Southcombe, winner of the tournament, and number 77 in the National rankings (under 16) said: "The new format is something that everyone should try, it’s good for focus, concentration and fighting for each point.

Nathan Richelle, runner-up, said: "Fast4 is a very good format as it’s quick and exciting."

The event at Dundonald TC lasted 6 hours during which 21 matches where played, with 16 of the players coming from all over the country to try the new tennis format. For a few hours Dundonald Rec was the centre of the future of British tennis.

Anton Chateau, trustee of DRTC said: "DRTC has always been very keen to support new ways of promoting tennis. Our Olympic Legacy programme introduced hundreds of children to tennis. I’m confident that FAST4 will change the face of British tennis and make our game even more accessible to a wide range of people."

September 18, 2015

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Josef Southcombe and Nathan Richelle