Dundonald Debate Continues

Dundonald Rec: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

“If people insist on continuing to move to the area to breed or raise their off-spring…”

You recently reported that the Conservative led Save our Rec Campaign was continuing to press ahead with their opposition to the much needed expansion of Dundonald Primary School. This is despite three bodies overruling their objections in the past few weeks:

·         The Mayor of London

·         Sport England

·         The Planning Committee of Merton Council

These bodies have recognised that there will be no loss of accessible open space and less buildings on the park as the published plans show the intention is to build on the footprint of existing a dilapidated pavilion and existing sheds.

Given the desperate need for local children in Wimbledon to gain places at this outstanding local school I have concluded that this opposition is driven by a mixture of predjudice and malice. To illustrate this can I quote from the words of one of these objectors that was published in the papers for the Planning Committee on the 17th January 2013 page 93:

They wrote: “If people insist on continuing to move to the area to breed or raise their off-spring then they should have to forgo the joys of choosing where their off-spring are to be educated if they want to rely on the state to provide that education”.

I think that represents many of those behind this campaign to deprive local children of the 200 extra places this school expansion would provide.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Peter Walker
Cabinet Member for Education, 2010-2012
21 Caroline Road
London SW19 3QL

April 5, 2013

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