Dundonald Rec Wants To Keep On Bowling

"Save our bowls club!"

The 100-year tradition of bowling in Dundonald Rec is under threat after Merton council gave notice to the club at the end of last season.

But the club, renamed Dundonald Bowling Club, is determined to carry on playing bowls on the Rec and has written to Sport England, the Mayor and the Council, and told them how bowling contributes to health and wellbeing.

The club has also reminded the council of their willingness to consider alternative methods for the management and maintenance of the green.

Anne Delaney, Dundonald Bowling Club representative, said: "Older people deserve the same opportunities to enjoy the Recreation Ground that other people have, not everyone can play the more physically demanding sport like football, tennis and cricket.

"The green is the only facility available for senior residents within the Rec and it would be really sad and unfair if the older resident lost this one facility dedicated to the more mature person.

"It only seems fair to allow us to enjoy this small and peaceful corner of the rec. Official council data shows that the population in the area is aging, so facilities like this are going to be needed in the future".

Some of the members of the Club (pictured) met last Saturday to start preparing the green for the coming season.

"We understand that the council is having financial difficulties, that was the reason given to close the green, but we are happy to help them out," she added.

The club is welcoming local people of all ages.  No special clothing is needed, just flat shoes.  Throughout the season, starting in May, the more experienced players will help new members to familiarise themselves with the game.

April 19, 2013