Tram Crossing Red Light 'Jumpers' Are Targeted

Drivers are stopped at Merton Park tram crossing

Drivers misusing tram crossings, including the one near Merton Park Tram Stop, have been targeted in a joint operation between special constables from British Transport Police (BTP) and Metropolitan Police (MPS).

Eight officers from BTP and 12 from MPS targeted those jumping the red lights at crossings on the Tramlink network, including Kingston Road in Merton Park.

Officers were also present at crossings on Lower Addiscombe Road (adjacent to Addiscombe Tram Stop), Addiscombe Road and Chepstow Road junction (adjacent to Sandilands Tram Stop).

The operation on November 21 saw nine drivers reported for failure to comply with red lights, as well as 12 drivers reported for using their hand held mobile telephones and one driver for not being in proper control of their vehicle.

Ben Clifford, special constabulary chief officer from British Transport Police, said: “There have been a number of recent incidents of cars colliding with trams, including an incident near Sandilands tram stop on 17 November and near Addiscombe tram stop on 27 October. Drivers jumping red lights are putting their lives at risk as well as those of passengers on trams.

“We are keen to educate drivers of the dangers for misusing crossings. This successful operation, jointly with our Metropolitan Police colleagues, was making good use of our volunteer police officer resources to target this important issue.”

Chief Inspector James Smith, Special Constabulary Roads and Transport Policing Command from Metropolitan Police Service, said: "The Met Police Special Constables worked with policing partners, British Transport Police, in an effective operation to reduce collisions and improve road safety, which combined specialist expertise of both roads and railway policing. The results of the operation are a testament to the value of partnership working."

December 9, 2015