Dance Students Showcase Their Talent In Wimbledon

Dance Overture at New Wimbledon Theatre

London Studio Centre’s first and second year students take to the stage this summer for four performances of Dance Overture at the New Wimbledon Theatre from July 10-12.

Dance Overture is London Studio Centre's annual end-of-year production, showcasing the varied and exciting talents of their first and second year students.

Throughout the show, audiences will be treated to a display of ballet, contemporary dance, jazz and music theatre that combines the work of leading and emerging choreographers with the freshest dance talent, showing the diverse range of techniques they have studied throughout the year.

This production is conceived and developed in just four weeks following a year of technical training, rigorous assessment and academic exploration. Many of the pieces in this production are created by graduates of the college, who have established themselves in the field of choreography.

July 3, 2015