Letter: Impact Of Crossrail 2 Work On South West London

Local Lib Dems raise their concerns

The Department for Transport and Transport for London are continuing to develop their Crossrail 2 proposal for a new rail service connecting Southwest with Northeast London. The main part of the scheme would run in a tunnel from Wimbledon to Tottenham Hale.

This is an enormous project that wouldn’t likely be completed until 2030 and cost many billions of pounds. The scheme was discussed at the recent Raynes Park Community Forum on 1 Oct 2015.

Local Liberal Democrats support investment in better public transport services – and the economic development that such a scheme would bring to Southwest London, as well as the city more generally.

However, we have already raised some concerns:

  • Raynes Park station will likely need to be rebuilt if Crossrail 2 goes ahead. But how will those behind the scheme ensure that, over the next 15 years, the station won’t just be left to deteriorate, and that urgent repairs and improvements – such as a lift – will still be prioritised?
  • The railway viaduct between Raynes Park and Wimbledon may need to be widened, affecting neighbouring residents. How can this be done in a way to improve the local environment for the entire community?
  • Where will the tunnel entrance or “portal” be placed? We have been told it will be on the west side of Wimbledon station. How will this be done to minimise the disturbance caused by the construction, and the eventual noise and visual impact on the local community?

Giles Bailey,

On behalf of Merton Liberal Democrats

Aston Road, London, SW20 8BE

October 10, 2015