Review Of 12-Week-Long Project At Key Wimbledon Junction

Longer working hours being considered at South Wimbledon crossroads

South Wimbledon roadworks

Gas network bosses are considering longer working times at a major South Wimbledon project after road closures have been causing significant delays to drivers and bus passengers.

The junction at Kingston and Merton Road outside South Wimbledon tube (pictured above) is set to be closed until April 12 while essential Southern Gas Network work is carried out.

The £417,000 project involves replacing old metal gas mains with a new plastic pipe, which will have an 80-year lifespan. Details about the project are on this link.

SGN staff have been working from 8am to 6pm on weekdays, so they do not cause too much disturbance to residents. But since the reports of traffic gridlock near the diversion route in Pelham Road, journeys of a few minutes taking more than an hour and buses not taking the agreed diversion, they were seen working on Saturday (January 25).

SGN have been asked to consider working longer hours - eg on Sundays and until 10pm each night, in order to speed up the completion of the project. South Wimbledon Councillor Nigel Benbow has put this to SGN and they are "looking into it", although a number of Twitter users have pointed out there are many daylight hours when there are no workers on site.

Councillor Benbow and Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond have already met with SGN representatives on the site.

Since the traffic problems developed, Merton Council has improved the signage, with details below. But buses have still been seen being driven off the diversion route.

There are many other roadworks in the SW19 area which are likely to cause some local delays, including the 12-week road closure at South Wimbledon. They are all detailed below:

A238 Kingston Road, Wimbledon

20 January - 12 April

Responsibility for these works



Information for Road Users


A238 Kingston Road, Wimbledon

Traffic lights, etc:

Traffic control (multi-way signals)

Gas network upgrade

We’re upgrading our network to ensure local homes and businesses continue to enjoy a safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.
Our project will start on Monday 13 January and last approximately 12 weeks. It will involve road and lane closures around our site to keep everyone safe. 

A238 Pepys Road, Raynes Park

20 January — 17 February

Delays likely - Lane closure

Works location: Unknown

Works description: 12 mtrs of 180mm road crossing (new lay) 37mtrs of 75mm in 8". Cut off 10" main from 15mm. Abandon 20mtrs of 10/8" mains. Complete all services. Complete all reinstatement.

Responsibility for works: SGN

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: XW053W116378314-05055

Sunnyside, Wimbledon, London, Merton

03 February — 07 February 

Delays likely - Road closure 

Works location: Unknown 

Works description: Build 1 precast chamber in 915mm x 445mm x 965mm deep in Footway,Build 1 precast chamber 725mm x 255mm x 665mm deep in Footway,Demolish 1 existing jointbox(s) or cabinet base(s),Install 11m of 1 way poly duct in Carriageway,Install 6m of 1 way poly duct in Footway 

Responsibility for works: Openreach 

Current status: Advanced planning 

Works reference: BC006TI001LC500287556401


A219 High Street, Wimbledon, London, Merton

05 February — 07 February 

Delays likely - Traffic control (give & take) 

Works location: Unknown 

Works description: RS 28day b-out restore potholes in cw 2.5m x0.8m, 1.2m x1.2m, & 1sqm on ped crossing 

Responsibility for works: Merton 

Current status: Planned work about to start 

Works reference: HC011-528103-1 


B281 Durham Road, West Wimbledon, London, Merton

05 February — 07 February 

Delays possible - Some carriageway incursion 

Works location: Unknown 

Works description: Connections Highway Services:Disconnection / reconnection of existing electricity supply for a customer:DIG OUT TEMP AND lay low level concrete followed by 6mm 6x0.3 

Responsibility for works: UK POWER NETWORKS EASTERN & LONDON 

Current status: Planned work about to start 

Works reference: EC40010773770


February 4, 2020