Wimbledon Students Celebrate Their GCSE Results

Borough's grades beat the national average

Merton GCSE students were celebrating their GCSE results, with 71% of them gaining the new grades 9 – 4 in both English and maths, which is above the 2017 national average of 59%.

This year has seen even more changes in GCSEs in England, with around 90% of exams becoming more challenging. The grades obtained by students were expressed as 9 (the highest) to 1, instead of A* to G. Grade 4 and above is broadly equivalent to a C and above. Despite the raised expectations Merton schools have again demonstrated excellent results.

St Mark's Academy

There were also strong and improved outcomes in the English Baccalaureate or ‘EBacc’ (grade 4 or above in English and mathematics, in science subjects, history or geography and a language) with 37% of Merton students attaining these grades, keeping Merton well above the national average of 22% last year.

  • Students at Ursuline High School (pictured below) in Wimbledon improved their performance and were well above the 2017 national average, with 85% achieving grades 9 – 4 in English and maths, and 56% of students achieving the EBacc.
  • At Raynes Park students also improved their performance, with 64% achieving grades 9 – 4 in English and maths, which is above last year’s national average of 59%.
  • At Wimbledon College, 77% of students achieved grades 9 – 4 in English and maths, and 43% achieved the EBacc, which is again above last year’s national averages.
  • At Ricards Lodge in Wimbledon, 66% of students achieved grades 9 – 4 in English and maths, and 39% achieved the EBacc, both of which are above last year’s national averages.
  • 70% of students at Rutlish in Merton Park achieved grades 9 – 4 in English and maths and 33%, achieved the EBacc, again above last year’s national averages.
  • At St Mark’s Academy, the proportion of students achieving the EBacc increased by 8% to 23%, which is above last year’s national average.

    Ursuline School

The Headteacher of Ursuline,Julia Waters, said: “Congratulations to all Year 11 students on their well-earned results. The results show outstanding progress as a result of the high standards and expectations the school has for all its students. With the increased pressure form the new GCSEs students have shown sustained commitment and diligence. Staff have worked very hard to ensure students are supported with the new courses to achieve their very best.”

She said that at Ursuline, 84.5% of students have achieved GCSE’s 9-4 including English and Maths with 36% of overall grades at 9-7/A*-A equivalent.Students made outstanding progress with the introduction of the new GSCEs in almost all subjects and in sitting the second year of the reformed English and Maths. 90% of all grades passing with 4+. 76% of all grades were the (equivalent of B+) at 6+. English results were particular cause for celebration with 94.5% passing on the new Grade 5.

Merton Council’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Geraldine Stanford who at the St Marks when students opened their results said: “I would like to congratulate all our pupils who received their GCSE results yesterday. We have seen some excellent results this year, which is down to the hard work of the pupils and the support from the dedicated teaching staff and the families who help them achieve their full potential.”

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Caroline Cooper-Marbiah added: I am delighted that provisional figures show 71% of young people gained grades 9 – 4 in both English and maths, well above the national average. Despite the increased challenges faced because of the changes to GCSEs, pupils have worked hard and excelled across all subjects. With secondary schools in Merton performing so well, and the borough cementing its reputation as a great place for families, more parents are choosing to live in the borough and send their children to our local comprehensives.”


August 24, 2018