Commons Conservators Freeze Levy

Charge to maintain local Commons is unchanged

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators have announced that their Levy for 2013-14 is to remain unchanged. This is the second year running that the Conservators have frozend the charge.

They say that they have implemented efficiencies and exercised stringent financial discipline and economies in the interests of the Levy-payers. In a statement they say, "The Conservators believe that this represents remarkably good value for money for the 46,000 contributing local households. No comparable open space in London costs so little to maintain in terms of cost per hectare as Wimbledon & Putney Commons."

The Levy is charged on dwellings situated within ¾ of a mile of the Commons or in the old Parish of Putney. This includes much of Wimbledon, Putney and Roehampton, and a small part of Kingston. The Levy is collected on behalf of the Conservators by the Boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston through an addition to the Council Tax.

Total Levy income will therefore remains at £966,124.

While in previous years the charge levied on typical Band D properties might well have reduced due to the increased number of properties, it is understood that the basis on which Council Tax rebates are passed on to residents may change this year as a result of the Government delegating decisions to local authorities on how to pass them on. The Levy, however, will remain unchanged.

The Act of Parliament governing the Commons allows the Conservators to increase the Levy, in line with change in the Retail Price Index recorded annually in September, for the following financial year.

February 19, 2013