Help Identify Local Looters

Police release Colliers Wood images

Police have released more images of people they want to question in relation to the looting in Colliers Wood on Monday August 8.

The images are all taken at various shops in the Tandem and Priory Centres as well as the Total petrol station.

If you can identify anyone in the pictures below, notify the Merton Op Withern Team by email: or by telephone on 0208 649 3206 or 07570 997 643.

Make sure you quote the VW*** (e.g. VW101) reference number attached to the image.

Earlier this month, Merton police hunting for the looters carried out raids on three homes in the borough.

Above: VW102                 Above: VW106

Above: VW104                             Above: VW105         Above: VW107

Above: VW108                                 Above: VW110                               VW144


VW111          Above: VW112        Above: VW113                            VW123

Above: VW114                              Above: VW117                         Above: VW119

Above: VW120                         Above: VW121                        Above: VW122


Above: VW124                    Above: VW125                   Above: VW129    Above: VW130

Above: VW126             Above: VW131   Above: VW135             Above: VW138

Above: VW139        Above: VW141          Above: VW142              Above: VW143

VW145                   VW146              Above: VW147                        Above: VW149


Above (including leg tattoo): VW148            VW150             Above: VW151      

September 27, 2011

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