Merton Remembers 2014-2018

Links to Colliers Wood and World War One

Local resident Diane Holmes has lived in Colliers Wood for 15 years. As with many people, she and her husband share a fascination in World War I and the impact it had on her home town, Colliers Wood.

Diane has revealed some of her WWI discoveries.

Thomas Came (born 1899) and Thomas Edward Came
Lived: Fortescue Road, Colliers Wood

She said: "When we moved into our 1905 house in Colliers Wood, we found a pack of documents which had been left for us in the house by the previous owners. I had been looking at the war memorial in Mitcham and noticed the name Thomas Came – the same name that was on the papers I found in our house. It’s quite an unusual name so I started doing some research.

"It turned out that this was the same person who had lived in our house when he was 20 years old. In fact, both he and his father, also a Thomas Came, joined up in 1915.

"It was very moving to know that these two men had lived their ordinary lives in our house and the young Thomas Came became one of the millions of men who died in this extraordinary conflict."

Diane's research into the local soldiers who gave their lives in the First World War has led her to plot on a map of the area the locations of where in Colliers Wood those men lived. Click on each of the red location marks to find out more about the men who served.

Find out more about what Merton council is doing to commemorate those who fought in the war at Merton Remembers.

At Morden Park on August 2 at 11am a Commemorative event will mark the start of the First World War and Merton's contribution during that time.

Two narrators will guide the audience through the first year of war aided by the award-winning Regent Brass band and a choir. Your attendance is requested, and - should you wish - please also bring a picnic for after the event where the brass band will play for your entertainment.

Please note that this event does not take place at Morden Hall Park, but Morden Park by the Register Office.

August 1, 2014