Fringe Events At Colliers Wood Arts Festival

Cabaret, theatre and film nights

The Colliers Wood Spring Arts Festival is only two years old but it's already grown a fringe!

Local resident Debbie Johnson,from the LGBTQIA Group, has been so inspired by this year's Festival, that she's organised additional events which include cabaret, theatre and a film night. Details of the final event are below:

Saturday 15 June, 8pm
Director: Grant Lahood
Producer: John Keir
Researcher: Mani Bruce Mitchell
@ The Johmard Centre, 65 High Street,
Colliers Wood, London, SW19 2HS
Entry by donations: suggested £2
Suitable for age 15+
The first question any new parent asks...
“Is it a boy or a girl?” What if it’s neither?
1 in 2,000 babies is born with genitalia
so ambiguous that the doctors cannot easily
answer this question. In this groundbreaking
documentary released just last year,
intersex individuals reveal the secrets of
their unconventional lives – and how they
have navigated their way through this
strictly male/female world, when they fit
somewhere in-between.

June 13, 2013