Crafty Yarners Brighten Up Colliers Wood With Crocheted Characters

One of their most popular creations has been stolen from outside the Post Office

Stolen Colliers Wood topper


Crafty yarners have been brightening up Colliers Wood with colourful crocheted characters which have appeared on trees, postboxes and litterbins across the area.


But one of the most popular displays created by the ‘Spin us a yarn in Colliers Wood’ group – a display of dog walkers on top of the postbox outside Christchurch Road Post Office (pictured above) – has been stolen.


Organiser Penny Bettell has also received an anonymous letter asking for the crochet art to be taken down from local streets.


Her crochet art first started appearing in November, giving people a reason to smile during the coronavirus pandemic. Now there is a Facebook group with more than 70 members and many of them meet up to make their creations together.


Not long after the ‘topper’ was stolen from the postbox, Penny received a letter stating: “It has come to our attention that you are the person who has been decorating the trees etc with crochet blankets and animals, jewels, plastic decorations etc.


“You very clearly have a super talent in your craft however many people would prefer to view the trees as well as other areas in their natural state.


“Have you considered putting your talent to really good use by making items that can be donated to charities that would welcome blankets, toys etc?


“It’s with a heavy heart that we ask that you might please consider removing many of these items from the local area.”


Penny’s creations have included creating a ‘rainbow tree’ to brighten Park Road and raise funds for the Small Steps charity, which supports a neighbour’s child, who suffers from cerebral palsy.


The group’s crocheted characters have also popped up at Dean City Farm and Cavendish Park, and their designs will be appearing at Merton Abbey Mills, the paddling pool at Colliers Wood Recreation Ground and outside Merton Bus Garage.


Penny said: “This group has made a lot of people much happier and brighter. We enhance the local parks and I am the culprit for crafting on the trees in Park Road. We have been crafting together since November and we chat, message, meet up and have a lot of fun.”

May 20, 2021