Climate Change Takes Centre Stage At The Polka

Next production: The Planet and Stuff

Young people tackle the big climate change debate at Wimbledon's Polka Theatre this autumn in a fast-paced, fact-packed new production called The Planet and Stuff, from September 27 – October 26.

Co-produced by Polka Theatre and Tonic Theatre, this new show for ages 9-13 promises to be a straight-talking climate change event that brings environmental science and global politics to life, without talking down to young people.

Created by Simon Daw, Joel Horwood and Lucy Kerbel, The Planet and Stuff takes audiences on an interactive whistle-stop tour around the planet, covering everything from global inequality to your own recycling, from sweet wrappers to landfill, all navigated by two actors and local children from Polka’s Young Voices Panel.

Part live science demo, part hyperactive game show, The Planet and Stuff has all the alarms, sirens, gunge and feathers needed to bring the debate to life!

The Planet and Stuff has been developed with local children from Polka's Young Voices Panel. Children aged 9 – 13 have been interviewing key players in the climate change debate, including MP Sadiq Khan and Wateraid's Tori Timms. Footage recorded by the young people will feature in the performance, as well as some of the panel members themselves appearing on the 'big screen'.

Jonathan Lloyd, Artistic Director, said: "One of our key aims at Polka is to make young people’s voices heard on the big issues affecting their future. Climate change tops that list – our young audiences will inherit the challenges we’ve shored up for them. The Planet and Stuff promises to do what Polka does best – put on a show that is resonant and curious, but also playful, theatrical and exciting."

Lucy Kerbel, co-creator of The Planet and Stuff, said: "Children are brilliant at asking difficult questions about why the world is how it is. So we deployed a crack team of Wimbledon’s most inquisitive 9 to 13 year olds to interview climate change scientists, activists, campaigners and politicians. The show we've made off the back of this examines the change that children - and their difficult questions - can bring about,"

September 20, 2013