Cleaning Up The Streets Of Wimbledon

Town centre pavements cleaned for Olympics

A campaign has been launched to clean up the streets of Wimbledon and encourage people to dispose of their chewing gum responsibly.

Love Wimbledon says undertaking a deep clean of the town centre is time consuming but it believes it's important to clean up Wimbledon.

The pavements from Kaldi Coffee to The Alexandra Pub and from Little Waitrose to Elys on the corner of Worple Road have all been deep-cleaned and the gum removed by an experienced sub-contractor.

Love Wimbledon Manager, Helen Clark Bell (right), wants Wimbledon's streets clean for Olympic visitors, said: "We are determined to tackle the unsightly mess and it is great timing in the run up to the Olympics as we welcome tens of thousands of people into our town centre.

"Cleanliness of Wimbledon is such an important factor as people judge an area based on its appearance and cleanliness.

"Although we want our town centre to be clean for Olympic visitors, we won't stop there! We have put in place future plans to clean up all the streets in the Wimbledon Business Improvement District area and keep them clean with an on-going maintenance programme.

"Chewing gum is the single most littered item, so the message is simple, 'just bin your gum' or you could face a fixed penalty fine of £75."

Love Wimbledon has also put up new banners in the town centre, and they have been looking glorious in the sunshine (left).

The not-for-profit company has been operating since April after local businesses backed the idea of a Business Improvement District. It will raise an annual £450,000, through a business levy, to be spent on town centre improvement schemes.

The clean-up campaign has prompted the following Letter to the Editor.

August 21, 2012