Review: The Spectacle Of Cirque Berserk In Wimbledon

"A blast of pure energy at the New Wimbledon Theatre"!

You could do worse on a cold and wet February evening than a trip to the New Wimbledon Theatre for the blast of pure energy, and spectacle that is Cirque Berserk - but hurry the show runs for three nights only!

After a sell-out stint at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, the Cirque is stopping off in Wimbledon as part of a national tour of shows that combine daredevil feats, clowning antics and pure strength and skill from a cast of international artists.

Brought to the stage by circus company Zippo's, it has the feel of a big top show (minus the sawdust). Complete with knife thrower and strongman there's definitely a sense of some old-fashioned showmanship, combined with a modern twist from pounding beats, dazzling costumes and a hint of burlesque.

The show bursts into life with skipping rope-based acrobatics from dreadlocked team in Victorian garb -they return later to balance, tumble and fly through set pieces including a limbo dance under a flaming rope. Dazzling female contortionists balance in mid-air, while Cuba's Havana Troupe launch each other into aerial somersaults with breath-taking results.

Tweedy the clown brings more than your average slapstick with a funny and well-delivered physical comedy routine, while Hercules the Ukrainian strongman juggles tyres and pulls a truckload of cast members along by the teeth.

And of course the show's star attraction is the globe of death where four motorcyclists from Brazil's Lucius team defy gravity by circling a compact spherical cage (see picture above) – apparently it's an on-stage first!

By Elizabeth Thompson

February 11, 2014

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