Cashless Parking Arrives For Local On-Street Bays

Pay over the phone for your parking in Merton

Merton residents and visitors to the borough can now use a cashless parking service for on-street parking for the first time.

The new RingGo system offers an alternative way to pay and display parking that does not use coins.

Merton Council introduced cashless parking to all 14 council-owned car parks last year and has now rolled out the cashless service across all 3,600 council-operated on-street parking bays.

Every parking location in the borough has a unique code. People can either pay over the phone, by text, online or by using a free smartphone app.

They will also receive an optional reminder, alerting them that their parking time is coming to an end, and if they wish to stay longer, they can top up their time from wherever they are.

The existing ticket machines have been left in place so people can pay in cash if they prefer.

Merton Council cabinet member for environmental cleanliness and parking Councillor Judy Saunders said: "We've listened to our residents and are making it easier for them to park in our town centres. There’s now no need to rummage around for the right change as we can all pay by smartphone. Using the new RingGo service reduces the risk of receiving a parking charge notice and lastly there’s no need to rush back to the car park to extend parking time."

October 11, 2015