Call For Measures To Clamp Down On Anti-Social Behaviour

Motion to be discussed by Merton councillors

A call is being made for the introduction of a series of measures to crack down on late-night anti-social behaviour in Merton.

Three Tory councillors are putting forward a motion to Wednesday's full Merton Borough Council meeting calling for action on alcohol-related problems, including anti-social behaviour, noise and littering.

The motion notes:

  • According to the latest Annual Residents’ Survey, feeling safe in your local area is by far the most important factor for the health and wellbeing of residents in Merton;
  • Over half of residents (52%) feel that this could be improved;
  • Satisfaction with how the area looks is also an important factor for health and wellbeing with around one third of local people feeling this could be improved;
  • 44% of residents remain concerned about anti-social behaviour in the borough and 41% about people being drunk and rowdy; and
  • The majority (64%) of violent crime in the UK occurs in the evening or at night and one fifth of all violent incidents take place in or around a pub or club.

It adds: "This Council believes that Merton's residents deserve to live in peace in their own homes; that residents and visitors all deserve a safe and clean environment, in which to enjoy an evening out in the borough; and that the Council has a responsibility, in conjunction with the police, to tackle the problem of alcohol fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour where it blights the lives of local communities."

The motion is being put forward by Councillors Logie Lohendran, Henry Nelless and David Simpson. It states that, following new powers in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, Merton Council should introduce the following:

a)     Clamp down on any licensed premises which break the terms of their licences through firmer enforcement of the rules;

b)     Make use of the new powers available from the government to stop the proliferation of ever later opening times and the nuisance of late alcohol licences;

c)      Increase litter enforcement in Merton by employing more staff to catch and prosecute those who blight our communities, including late at night outside bars and clubs; and

d)     Introduce an all year round noise pollution enforcement service to provide reassurance and comfort to residents whose sleep is disturbed by inconsiderate neighbours.

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     March 29, 2014