Colliers Wood Dog Owners Asked To Go On Patrol

Local police want to set up a Dog Watch scheme

Police are appealing to responsible dog walkers in the Colliers Wood area to help set up a local Dog Watch scheme.

They are particularly keen on walkers that walk their dogs in Wandle Park, Colliers wood Rec, Myrna nature trail and the Wandle Valley nature trail.

A Dog Watch is similar to Neighbourhood Watch, but involves a network of responsible dog walkers who are all in communication with their local Safer Neighbourhood Team and an appointed coordinator.

Police say dog walkers are in effect patrolling when they walk their dogs and are a great source of information regarding all sorts of intelligence. But also they come across irresponsible dog owners and dangerously out of control dogs more often than anyone else due to the venues they frequent.

Colliers Wood SNT said in their appeal that they are determined to root out and dangerous breeds and any owners that allow their dogs to be dangerously out of control in our green spaces.

They said in a statement: "We need help to identify these individuals and where they live. We can then take action whether it is words of advice for handling their dog, up to warrants to seize dangerous breeds to confirm their status.

"Therefore, if you are a dog walker and would like to participate as part of this valuable network please reply by e-mail and enclose your name address including full post code and mobile phone number and we will be in touch."

If you want to discuss it in more detail, call Dave Russell on 0208 721 2743.

September 17, 2015