Call For Compulsory Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Wimbledon parents back campaign to change the law

The Wimbledon-based parents of a 31-year-old woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning are backing a campaign to make carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in all homes where carbon burning appliances are installed.

Avril and Gordon Samuel, from Alwyne Road, have been campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide following the tragic death of their daughter Katie Haines in 2010.

They are now backing the call of Plumb Center and Honeywell, for the law to be changed so an alarm would be required in England and Wales whenever a carbon-burning appliance is installed – it's already law in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Mr Samuel has signed an e-petition at, which aims to collecte 100,000 names to trigger a debate in the House of Commons and make a change in the law a step nearer.

He said: "We won’t rest until everyone in the UK understands the dangers of CO. It’s vital people have an audible alarm, officially approved to EN50291:2001 (The European Standard for Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarms) and have any carbon-burning appliances checked regularly. We’re right behind this campaign."

"One death from CO poisoning, is one too many," said Plumb Center’s Gail van Dijk. "We know thousands are admitted to hospital each year but the true level of poisoning isn’t fully known."

It is estimated that up to 50 people die and over 4,000 people are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisioning in the UK each year, although the figure could be much higher.

Some of the symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, dizziness, sore throat, dry cough and nausea, all of which could easily be confused with viral cold and flu infections, food poisoning or general tiredness. It is known as the "Silent Killer".

Katie died at her home in Wokingham just two months after her wedding to Richard Haines.

May 26, 2014