Police Alert About SW19 Bogus Builders

Don't let these cold callers into your home

Wimbledon police are warning about bogus builders and plumbers in the area trying to get into people's homes.

There have been reports in both the Hillside and Dundonald ward areas that they have been calling at houses offering work or stating they have spotted something in need of fixing.

Sergeant Jeff New said: "If anyone appears at your door offering to do work or stating they have noticed something that needs fixing, please do not let them into your home.

"Take a business card or phone number and state you will contact them if you decide to have work done.

"Clearly there are many genuine builders who generate trade by cold calling at people's houses. If this is the case they should be more than happy to provide you with identification or a business card or contact details.

"If you are unhappy or suspicious of anyone or there is someone on your doorstep who appears very keen to get into your home, close the door to them and call the police".

March 14, 2011