Wimbledon Dial-a-Ride Staff Are Honoured

Annual award for special service

Three Dial-a-Ride staff members from Wimbledon have been honoured in the organisation's awards for 2012.

The awards paid tribute to the outstanding achievements of all the nominees and winners, championing the staff who keep the Dial-a-Ride service operating for its 50,000 members.

Almost 1.4 million trips were delivered in 2011/2012, some 30,000 more trips than in the previous year. It provides a free service to those people who cannot use public transport.

Awards went to the following local people:

Terry Cornwall, from Wimbledon, who won the Innovator of the Year award. He was championed for his work on planning for the London 2012 Games. Terry's careful planning and attention to detail will ensure that drivers are well informed of changes to roads and routes and members of Dial-a-Ride will be able to continue using the service during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Alyson Athanaze, from Wimbledon, who won Joint Driver Attendant of the Year award.
Alyson's bubbly character and professional attitude was said to be well received by her passengers and colleagues. She is always willing to help and often goes out of her way to assist anyone who may need it.

Steven Boyle, from Wimbledon, who won a Judges' Award for Actions Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. During last year's riots Steven was on duty in Brixton when he found himself caught up in the middle of what was fast becoming a serious public disturbance. Steven's bus was surrounded by rioters at the traffic lights who were trying to force open the door of his bus. At the time he had three elderly passengers on board who became quite scared and concerned for their safety.

Through his quick thinking he was able to manoeuvre his bus through the rioters to get away from a progressively hostile situation. Steven and his passengers were shaken after the incident but unharmed.  

May 29, 2012