Wimbledon Pub Reunites Builder With His Christmas Wages

Alexandra's social media activity tracks down man who dropped his pay packet

An appeal by a Wimbledon pub to track down a man who left his pay packet behind last week has finally succeeded!

The envelope full of cash was left in the town centre Alexandra pub on Thursday (December 21), and they put out pleas on Twitter and Facebook which had more than 5 million views.

Pay packetThe photograph of the pay packet (left), which was shared 25,000 times on Facebook, showed only his name 'Mariusz'.

Staff at the Alexandra thought he was with a group of Polish builders, and they scoured their CCTV hoping to recognise him.

'Mariusz' eventually walked into the sports bar at the pub today (December 27) and identified himself. After checking their CCTV again, staff at 'The Alex' were delighted to return the cash to him.

Mariusz told them he was a builder who had spent Christmas in Poland, but hadn't told his wife about his missing money. However, his son and one of his friends' parents spotted the social media activity and asked if it was him.

The pub said on Twitter (@TheAlexSW19): "It's made us all happy. I don't think he still grasps just how many people were waiting for him to show himself!"

  • On Christmas Day, the Alexandra also offered a free Christmas lunch and drink to anyone who would otherwise be on their own. More than 60 people turned up for the afternoon.

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December 27, 2017


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Mariusz is reunited with his pay packet