Review: A Pictorial History Of AFC Wimbledon

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AFC Wimbledon: A Pictorial History

Amberley, £14.99, ISBN 978-1-4456-1357-4

Wimbledon's dramatic rise up through the non-league pyramid has been the subject of several books in recent years. AFC Wimbledon: A Pictorial History – written by sports reporter Graham Moody, who used to cover the Dons for local newspapers – is the latest to be published.

The book covers the entire period from AFC Wimbledon's formation in 2002, with the Dons Trust launch and player trials on Wimbledon Common, through to last season's ultimately successful bid to retain Football League status.

Anyone buying this book expecting a purely photographic account may be surprised as there is actually quite a lot of text, with Moody romping through the Dons' recent history. In the book's 96 pages there are only 72 illustrations. But from Kevin Cooper scoring in the mud at Chessington & Hook to Jack Midson celebrating his goal that kept the Dons up, they all succeed in bringing back memories and capturing something of the spirit of the last 11 years.

The book is organised into chronological chapters, helping to trace progress, but frustratingly there is no index and not even a contents list: if you want to track down a specific match or incident, you may struggle to find it.

And unfortunately there are also some sloppy errors, such as getting the venue of some matches wrong, and one eyebrow-raising moment when Moody appears to intimate that Terry Eames was unfairly sacked by the club.

But these don't detract from what overall is an enjoyable summary of events since 2002. It's only when you sit back and reflect on the time period that this book covers that you appreciate just how far the Dons have come. With Christmas just around the corner, it's sure to be on the wish list of many Dons fans.

By Rob Crane

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November 1, 2013

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