Watch Your Paving Slabs!

Thieves are stealing paving stones

Crafty thieves have been stealing paving slabs from some Wimbledon Village homes - even when the house owners have been in!

Police are warning homeowners to immediately contact them if they catch the thieves in the act.

The thefts have been taking place in broad daylight and would involve several people and a van.

Sgt Danny Smith said: "The thefts have happened both while the property was unoccupied and when there were people at home.

The suspects are obviously quite brazen with their actions and would appear to be working legitimately. Please contact the home owner if you see workmen type characters removing paving slabs from paths or driveways, it may be they are unaware that this is happening.

"If in doubt please contact the police, we are always willing to attend and verify whether they are supposed to be there and who they are working for.

It is very difficult to prevent this type of crime as you can't effectively secure a path, patio or driveway so please be vigilant and call police if you see any removal of slabs which seems suspicious."

Meanwhile, police in the Dundonald ward area are warning of an increase in vehicle crime. The most recent of these crimes have been:   

  • On August 2 two men were arrested in Kingswood Road, SW19, for Theft from Motor Vehicle after a member of the public had seen the males acting suspiciously at 03.25am and contacted the police.
  • On August 26-27 overnight two vehicles were broken into in Vernon Avenue, SW20, and items were taken.
  • Most recently two men were detained in Fairlawn Road on August 30 after a member of public saw two males of similar description rifling through the gloveboxes of unlocked cars unlocked vehicles in Quinton Avenue, SW20.

September 6, 2012