Wimbledon Stewards Criticised For World Cup Queue Decision

SW19 campers must stay in line

Wimbledon tennis stewards have been criticised for refusing to allow people queueing overnight to leave their tents yesterday to watch the England v Germany World Cup match.

More than 1,000 tennis fans in the queue were told they could only leave their tents for up to an hour, or else they would not be allowed to re-take their place.

Club officials had already drawn criticism for not showing England matches on outdoor screens in the grounds and have also banned South African vuvuzelas from the All England Club.

Many of those camping in the queue listened to yesterday's match on the radio, although one group managed to get a small portable television working.

The stewards are actually due to give out their one-millioneth queue card today since the system started in 2003.

A spokesman for the All England Club said: “People have a choice: they can either queue or they can watch the football.  We don’t want people turning up, pitching tents and disappearing for the rest of the day because people who do follow the rules will be upset. Whatever the stewards do, someone will grumble.”

June 28, 2010

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