Wimbledon Town Centre Info Desk Opens For Business

New point will help visitors to SW19

The new Wimbledon Town Centre Information desk (WTCI) has opened inside Centre Court Shopping Centre in time to help people heading for the tennis tournament.

The WTCI has been brought to Wimbledon through the Going for Gold Campaign, aiming to improve prepare the town for the opportunities which will come with the 2012 Olympics.

Centre Court Shopping Centre have donated the space in the centre, the desk, branding and the installation of the phone/broadband. Funds have also been raised to pay for IT equipment and staffing, and a variety of local businesses are sponsoring the desk.

Opportunites are still available for businesses who want promotion at the WTCI, contact Town Centre mangers to find out about sponsorship packages.

Wimbledon Town Centre InfoAnd to coincide with the Championships, Going For Gold has produced a "Welcome to Wimbledon" Magazine for distribution at the station, retail and leisure outlets. 

This free magazine will be handed to the thousands of visitors who will descend on Wimbledon for the tennis, and includes a map showing the "Wimbledon Way" - up the hill, through the village and down Church Road.

June 15, 2010