Town Centre Cyclists Urged To Stay On The Road

Police to target pavement cyclists

Police are targeting adult cyclists who flout the law by riding their cycles in Wimbledon town centre.

The crackdown follows a number of complaints have made to police in Merton, who point out that those riding their bike on the pavement put others people at risk of avoidable injury.

Police officers and PCSOs on foot and bikes in Wimbledon town centre will be targeting adult cyclists who contravene traffic signs, ride on the pavement or go through red lights.

Those stopped may be issued with a £30 fixed penalty notice fine, to encourage responsible and safer cycling in our area.

Sergeant Tony Oram of Hillside Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: "Often people don’t see the problem. But a cyclist riding illegally on a pavement who knocks down an elderly shopper or a small child for example can cause serious injuries. We’re here to ensure everyone has a pleasant and safe shopping or social time here in the Wimbledon town centre."

July 21, 2010