Check Out The Art Work On Show Around Wimbledon

The PARK artshow expands beyond Cannizaro Park this year

PARK is an annual event which has been hosted by Wimbledon College of Arts in Cannizaro Park since the 1970s.

Friday's show offers students the opportunity to work site-specifically, and to develop their work within the context of a group show.

This year, for the first time, PARK expands beyond the park to respond to sites within Wimbledon town centre and the college campus. The projects within PARK 16 are typically diverse in their materials, intention and scale, with artists working with sound, photography, film, found objects, installation, performance and sculpture.

They include Antony Dixon, who has asked 14 fellow art students to make casts from sites around Wimbledon, and to embed each cast with a fragment of text or image that they’ve found themselves

Copies of these fragments can be found at each site, marked within the PARK 16 map which can be found on the website and will be available at each of the PARK sites.

Wimbledon College of Arts would like to thank Merton Council for their generous support and assistance again this year.

The art work can be found at a number of local sites, including the following, from 11am-5pm on Friday (April 22):

Cannizaro Park SW19 4UE

Dundonald Recreation Ground SW19 3PR

Centre Court Shopping SW19 8YA

Wimbledon Library SW19 7NB

Wimbledon College of Arts SW19 3QA.

April 18, 2016