Police Alert After Merton Park Burglaries

Residents asked to be vigilent about security

Police are asking Merton Park residents to be vigilent about the security of their homes after a series of overnight burglaries.

The burglaries took place in and around Circle Gardens during the night of Friday August 13/Saturday August 14, when the thieves enterered homes by back windows.

It is also believed that sheds at the properties were targeted in order to obtain tools to force entry to the houses.

Residents are urged to ensure window locks are fitted and used, as well as door locks, and to consider the security of their sheds or outbuildings.

Sgt Ian Harman of Merton Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: "Many residents store tools in sheds. Sadly, criminals seek to use these ‘stores’ to their advantage. We are asking residents to think seriously about not only locking their sheds, but also to consider how robust the doors, hinges and locks of the sheds or garages may be. Please remember that by protecting the contents of your shed or garage, you are also directly protecting the contents of your home."

He said sometimes simple things, like using larger or longer screws in door hinge fittings, and/or reinforcing those screws with strong adhesive, or ensuring the hinges are secured to battens, rather than wood panelling, might prevent a shed from being forcibly entered.

Residents are urged to call 999 if they witness any activity which they feel is suspicious, especially in connection with entries to sheds or garages.

Merton Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team is able to offer a free basic home security check, contact Mertonpark.snt@met.police.uk  if you are interested.

August 12, 2010