Robberies increase in Colliers Wood

Latest crime figures show a rise

There have been five robberies in less than a month in Colliers Wood, according to the latest crime figures released by the police.

Sgt Tony Richardson says in the Colliers Wood monthly police update that there's has been "no apparent reason" for the increase in robberies, although arrests have been made for two of them.

The report also states there have been two residential burglaries from June 30-July 25, with three attempted burglaries (two of them on commercial premises). Thefts from motor vehicles increased, with 10 during the period. But two "significant" arrests have been made, according to the report.

Police also obtained a search warrant from Wimbledon Magistrates Court under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 for a property in Colliers Wood, where they found a small cannabis factory. An arrest was made and the person was bailed, pending laboratory analysis.

Sgt Richardson also said: "Flytipping is still on the up and we are keeping it as a priority."

July 25, 2010