Artist Calls On Wimbledon Residents To Create Artwork

Local people asked to help create work of art

Artist Jodi Jones is bringing her mixed media abstract paintings to Wimbledon next month and is inviting local people to help create her next piece of art.

The four-day exhibition opens on October 3 at the Norman Plastow Gallery in Lingfield Road, Wimbledon Village. Anyone who stops by will be encouraged to create a shape by drawing or using a pair of scissors, a coloured piece of paper and some instructions. By the end of the exhibition, Jodi will collate all the shapes together and use this to inspire her next painting.

“I want to make art fun! This immersive art exercise will give people a chance to play and create, and hopefully inspire them to have a go at home,” says Jodi (pictured right with her son).

Jodi takes inspiration for her art from many sources, but travelling and exploring a new place really gets her creative juices flowing.

“Whether it’s Cornwall, the Lake District, India or Africa, the smell, colour and shape of a new place is exciting,” says Jodi.

“I also love being outdoors in nature, enjoying the landscapes of trees and fields. I have always loved drawing and my paintings are mainly inspired by a drawing and a memory,” she explains.

For the majority of her art, Jodi works with a base of canvas, wood or plasterboard built up with a mixture of materials ranging from wax and acrylics, to scrap metal and plaster.

However, since becoming a Mum almost two years ago, Jodi has developed a new way of working and creates daily mini collages.

“The collages are made up of a range of papers I paint, draw and print on, which I then cut up with my scissors to create an image of a moment of my day. It is fun and fits in with being with my son Jesse,” says Jodi.

“When Jesse was first born, I loved going for a walk with him in the park near me and taking in the colours and shapes; every day I would notice something new and I fell in love with a willow tree we passed every day.”

An area in the exhibition will be dedicated to Jodi’s ‘Walking back to creativity’ collages, along with her mixed media paintings.

People will be able to keep track of the progress of the immersive artwork via Jodi’s blog page

September 28, 2015