Southfields Girl Attacked By Dangerous Dog

Seven year old bitten repeatedly on right leg

Southmead Primary School pupil Miah Lynch was bitten repeatedly by a half-Staffie, half-Alsatian in the Glen Albyn play area.

The dog was off its leash and attacked while Miah was sitting on the grass. It was only prevented from inflicting further injury when Miah's younger brother screamed at her to get up and run away.

A woman walking the dog managed to pull it off Miah, who was then taken to St George's Hospital where she stayed for two days while her wounds were cleaned and stitched.

The woman, who was not the owner of the dog, told Miah's mother that it would be destroyed. However, after being returned to its owner the dog remains alive. Met police are investigating the matter as Council bylaws ban dogs from children's play areas.

June 13, 2011