Tara Theatre Review: 'Vagabonds - My Phil Lynott Odyssey'

One man show played at the newly transformed Earlsfield theatre

Although only 60 minutes long, Rob Mountford certainly packs a lot into his one man show ‘Vagabonds: My Phil Lynott Odyssey.’ 

It is witty with some degree of irony and a fair amount of poignancy as Rob takes us on his journey from childhood to his worship of his hero, Phil Lynott, the much missed lead singer of Thin Lizzy. He shifts between times in his story as well as from character to character with the ease you would expect from a Shakespearean actor of his calibre.

Directed by co-writer, Chris Larner, the script is very clever: my favourite line being from ‘Phil’:“We’re going to sing a medley of our hit” and the comic timing is spot on. All in all, a very enjoyable  show from a talented actor and writer.

This was my first visit to the newly transformed Tara Theatre in Earlsfield, opened by Mayor Sadiq Khan just over two months ago. I was very impressed by the venue which has now doubled its seating capacity and I was not surprised to learn that the architects of the transformation had been awarded the Project Design of the Year.

By Anne Horsburgh

November 8, 2016