New Tara Theatre To Show 'Vagabonds - My Phil Lynott Odyssey'

One-man show is at the Earlsfield theatre on Friday and Saturday

Following performances at RADA Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015, Tara Arts Associate Artist Robert Mountford brings his one-man show – ‘Vagabonds - My Phil Lynott Odyssey’ - to the new Tara Theatre in Earlsfield.

Mountford examines his own mixed-race heritage and his upbringing with white adoptive parents in a Catholic suburb of Birmingham.

Convinced that he is really, somehow, Irish, Mountford takes on the roles of Irish hero Cu Chullain, revered mixed-race Irish rock hero Phil Lynott and even an Irish version of himself.

Setting out to use his one-man show, which is directed by Fringe First winner Chris Larner, to deliver a proper biography of Lynott, his own story inevitably intrudes, until the lines of reality and fantasy become joyously blurred.

Phil Lynott was lead vocalist and bassist of rock-legends Thin Lizzy and writer of hit single The Boys Are Back in Town. While researching Lynott’s wild life, co-writers Mountford and Larner have met with and received encouragement from many of his associates, including band-mates, promoters and Phil’s mother, Philomena.

Thin Lizzy biographer Alan Byrne said in Are You Ready?, his new book on Phil Lynott: "Vagabonds is a prescient indicator of how musicians & their work can survive death and become relevant to a generation they never encountered."

Robert Mountford said: "We’'re hugely excited & proud this show is included in Tara's opening season. A lot of this show is about finding where one fits in to life - I think Vagabonds compliments Tara's exploration into a sense of belonging."

4-5 November, Tara Theatre, 356 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London SW18 4ES

Fri & Sat | 7.30pm

£15.50 (£14 concs)

Running Time: 60 minutes | Suitable for ages 14+ | 020 8333 4457.

November 1, 2016