Sticks 'N' Sushi - A Hit Even For One Who Can't Eat Shellfish

Japanese food via Denmark In Wimbledon

I have to be honest when my friends said we were eating sushi after seeing Skyfall my hear sank - I am allergic to shellfish and I am nervous of making a health threatening mistake in choosing.

I couldn't have been been more wrong! The staff were incredibly welcoming and when I mentioned my allergy the waitress made me feel even more welcome - she appeared to adopt me as her mission to ensure I had lots of choice & without a visit to the local hospital! Nothing was too much - the chef was told the griddle scrubbed and fresh sauces to the table "just for me"! Later when I looked up the website I was hit by the quote "A sushi restaurant even for those who don't like fish" - so true.

The restaurant is the the Copenhagen-based company's first venture out of Norway, they have 9 restaurants there. They bring their casual-dining concept cleverly combining North European and Asian Elements, cold sushi creations with hot grilled skewers.

The restaurant is one large area with long tress le tables and the kitchen open to the dinners at the back. With only half an hour to the kitchen closing the restaurant was still buzzing and the kitchen was bustling with wonderful aromas hitting you as you walked through. Danish chairs are integral to the design, as are the staff wearing black t-shirts printed with handy Danish words, and their English translations.

The menu is well laid out with clear images and breakdown of the ingredients. With five of us to feed we went for three main shared platters;
'Salmon, duck and his friends' (pictured right £15.50), which combined duck , nigiri salmon with big maki rolls & inside-out rolls. 'Man Food' (£17.80) offering Yakitori/sticks of goat-cheese with bayonne-ham, chicken tsukune, beef with herb butter, & chicken breast with chili dip, teriyaki and spring onion & a miso-marinated pork and 'Chicken extreme' (£13.90 - pictured left) offering five different chicken offerings with leeks and teriyaki, chicken tsukune, chicken breast with chili dip, teriyaki and spring onion, chicken tebasaki & chicken bites. With extra orders of rice and salty endaname beans we had enough to satisfy the group.

The results look good on the plate, crisp clear flavours offering chic refueling, although I wouldn't choose it for a romantic dinner for two. The choice of beer sold is a choice of Danish (£3.90) or Japanese with a wine list ranging from £ - £. We shared a bottle of Domaine Reine (£27) making the whole bill £20 a head including service. Sushi 'n' Sticks may not be for the true sushi aficionados but it was certainly a tasty and satisfying meal.

Sandi Bloomfield

November 4, 2012