A Nation Of Shopkeepers?

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A nation of online shopkeepers?

Once famously described as a nation of shopkeepers, it should be no surprise that British online shopkeepers are doing pretty well – despite the recession. Around 37 million people shop online in the UK and in the last few years the online market has been one of the few areas of the economy to see growth. It seems these days it’s possible to buy just about anything online, even – believe it or not – a pint of milk. The advantages of online grocery shopping have become clear in recent years as more people seek to save time and money. But surely the growth of online grocery shopping should ring the death knell for such traditional services as the humble milk man?

The simple answer is – no. At one time this nation of shopkeepers was more than happy to offer home delivery services. However, the rise in car-ownership and the growth of the out of town supermarket had seemingly put an end to this tradition. Enter the internet and the growth in reliability and perceived trustworthiness of online shopping and payment systems and the original local delivery service is back!

The best of the old and the new

Dairy Crest, one of Britain’s leading dairy companies, has seen a year on year rise in online sales of milk in recent years despite the recession. Now offering a new service under the brand milk&more the company has expanded its traditional offering and provides its customers with a range of everyday products – 250 at the latest count. From butter and jam to compost and even pet food online , the range of products is impressive – and of course you can still just order a pint of milk! Dairy Crest have capitalised on all the benefits that their traditional service offers by combining them with the “best bits” of online grocery shopping.

So much more

While not essential, the fact that your milkman is a regular driver adds a personal touch to your grocery delivery that has been lost in just about every other area of customer service. The financial and time saving benefits are also pretty impressive. With ordering as late as 9pm and free delivery the next delivery morning – before most of us are even awake – milk&more certainly has ‘more’ to offer than many competitors.



November 11, 2011

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