WPCC Board Chairman Stands Down

Keith Luck says 'current difficulty' has made role too time-consuming

Keith Luck, the chairman of the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators, has announced his decision to stand down.

In the week after the meeting with the Charity Commission on Friday 9th October, the WPCC Chairman, Mr Keith Luck, wrote to his fellow Trustees: “It is apparent that there is a long way to go before we resolve our current difficulty. The disappointing part of this is that we will be spending more time (money and resources) with lawyers than with the unique landscape of which we are Conservators. While all priorities and challenges can be managed, it is personally unreasonable that I sacrifice other interests and dig yet further into a full time working week to give more time to progress these increasingly complicated and all-consuming matters”.

Therefore, with effect from midnight on Thursday 15th October, Mr Luck stepped down from the role of Chairman.

Until fresh elections for the Chairman are held, the Vice Chairman, Shirley Gillbe, will fulfil the role of Chairman.

In standing down, Mr Luck said, “My sincere thanks to the Chief Executive and the Commons’ staff for the wonderful work they do, and the way they have delivered while our own governance has been hamstrung.”

Mr Luck will continue as a Trustee, albeit in a less time consuming role.

October 21, 2015