Masterchef Duo Produce Perfection

Delicious dining at Earlsfield's Jolly Gardeners

MasterChef 2010 winner Dhruv Baker and Masterchef 2011 finalist Tom Whitaker got together for an exclusive and delicious pop up event in South West London.

The dining area was buzzing with anticipation for the four courses created by the fusion of the two MasterChef culinary skills.

The amuse bouche was a tuna consommé with tartar and accompaniments - a generous portion of tuna tartar sitting in a warm broth a surprising but successful combination and absolutely delicious!

tuna consommé smoked duck

The starter pictured above right was a mouth watering smoked duck pastrami on rye with duck fat mayo - the rye was crumbled lightly over the duck and the mayo was just to die for!

The fish dish was seared stone bass, with cauliflower couscous, cockles and coriander salsa verde - a delicious combination of textures and tastes and beautifully presented

The main course was a wellington made of brisket rather than the tradition fillet - with vichy anise carrots, pomme boulangaire, braising jus. The brisket was very tender and extremely tasty and the vegetables were a fine accompaniment with al dente carrots & the creamy potato absorbing the rich jus. My plate was spotless!

The dessert was guava pannacotta, with lemongrass, ginger and black sesame - a smooth creamy blend of exotic flavours, by now I was feeling quite full and I am more of a svoury girl so struggled to do it justice, but my husband managed to tuck in and throughly enjoyed it.

If this is what we can expect from Dhruv and his team at the Jolly Gardeners then their reputation will spread quickly. Check out his menu here. It looks like Dhruv is working on the rear garden to ensure that locals can enjoy any summer we are given this year - I am sure we will hear more! Tom meanwhile continues his catering company Whitaker Bespoke which operates from your own home - highy recommended my kitchen was cleaner and tidier than I have ever seen it after the fabulous meal! Or from his private dining space in Imperial Wharf Chelsea.

March 16, 2015