Holly Lodge Centre Opens Wide Its Doors

The first time in 5 years that they have had an open house

On Sunday, 13 September, the Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park opens its doors to their neighbours and friends from 11am to 4pm.

This is only the second time and the first time in 5 years that they have had an open house available to everyone. The Centre is normally only open to groups of children, young people and adults, many with special physical and learning needs who come to learn about and experience the natural and historic heritage of Richmond Park.

But on this day, all are welcome to ...
* explore the newly revitalised nature trail opened recently by their newest patron, Sir David Attenborough.

Holly Lodge Centre Opens Wide Its Doors

* use their unique fibre-optique camera to peer into the award winning “bug hotel.

* take a guided tour of our special nature preserve.

* see all the produce grown in the Victorian kitchen garden by the team of special needs young adults from the Padock School

* have a go at Victorian servants chores and learn how your forefathers learned their three Rs in the Victorian classroom

* celebrate 150 years of Mr Palmer’s the Chymist and make pills the Victorian way

* help raise funds by buying some bric-a-brac

* and just have fun in “A Special Place for Learning”

Click here to see where The Holly Lodge Centre is located

Take advantage of a rare event in the neighbourhood, and pass along the news to your neighbours and friends.

September 10, 2015