Are You Up For A 165ft Challenge?

Local charity looking for abseil volunteers

Local charity MacIntyre is organising a charity abseil on Saturday 27 October, 9.00 – 16.00, to raise funds for the people with learning disabilities who are supported at two residential services, in Tooting and Streatham, Wandsworth

Looking down 165ft!

Anyone over the age of 18 can take part.  The 165ft descent will be from in Tooting. Kiri Crequer, Administrator for MacIntyre’s London services said:
“Wandsworth Council offered us three buildings, but Chillingford had the best access for those with disabilities. As a charity promoting equal opportunities, we wanted the event to be open to as many people as possible, including the people we support.”

The event has been put together on a local level, without any sort of fundraising budget. Wandsworth Council provided the use of the tower block free of charge. Tigon Scaffolding will be erecting some complex scaffolding, again keeping those with disabilites in mind. Outdoor pursuits company Great New Abseils provided six days of free labour; the equivalent of £1500, risk assessing different buildings before Chillingford House was chosen as the most suitable.

Local MP, Sadiq Khan, will be attending to cheer on the participants. Residents of the tower block have shown their support by signing up, and participants will be coming from as far as Northamptonshire.

Agnieszka Rokita, (pictured left) from MacIntyre’s Family Footings project is just £5 away from her sponsorship target after fundraising for one day:
“I believe that what MacIntyre does makes the world a better place. And if you know me personally you know I'm pretty cautious to say things like that.”

Vivienne Donald, the Head of Service of MacIntyre’s project in Tooting said:
“It’s a good way for the people we support to get to know people in the community. There are so many prejudices about people with learning disabilities, but meeting such vibrant personalities can dispel those negative associations. We want to meet the public and say: ‘This is who we are. This is where we are.’ And I’ll be there to cheer the participants on.”

Money raised for MacIntyre will be used to support local people with learning disabilities, specifically providing interactive tools for two new sensory rooms, and replacing worn kitchen equipment and furnishings.

Claire Kennedy, Head of Fundraising said: “Charitable donations make a huge difference to the people we support at MacIntyre.  Most day-to-day costs are met by funding from local authorities, but charitable donations buy the extras that make a real difference to someone’s life – for example a holiday, some new clothes, or special equipment to enable communication.”



October 3, 2012